SO SEND I YOU is a global Christian missions organization committed to fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ by educating, nurturing and cultivating missional leaders and congregations.


Our Mission: To increase the level of congregational awareness, involvement, and participation in global Christian missions by engaging pastors and congregations in missional activity around the world.


Our Vision: To become a leading global Christian missional organization specializing in developing and sustaining missional partnerships that delivers a stronger missional impact.


SO SEND I YOU specialize In:


  • Building and sustaining missional partnerships between individuals, local congregations, organizations, and the mission field.


  • Organizing, promoting, and leading short-term mission trips to the mission field, designed to give both clergy and laypersons first-hand exposure to and experience on the mission field.


  • Organizing, promoting, and leading missional projects designed to deliver a stronger missional impact.We do this by gathering individuals, local congregations, and organizations around specific missional projects.


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